Salon of Storytelling


We, Rokurokubi and I, had a great nigh in Monken Hadley, with a lovely warm audience. The focus for the night was ‘Walking in the Footsteps’ and there were tales of the Medieval knight Geoffrey de Mandeville, a tale of an Ancient Greek Hunt, the Ebony Horse from 1001 Nights and a Grimm’s Tale of the first Moon. All these linked to Monken Hadley. Geoffrey de Mandeville owned the land in 1141 and it was part of the Enfield Chase where Dukes and Royalty Hunted for many centuries. Lotte Reiniger was a German animator who created the oldest full length animated film, Prince Achmed, and lived for many years in New Barnet. In honour of this I told the story of The Ebony Horse one of the tales used in the film. And finally there was a tale about a Moon or Lamp caught in a tree which just reminded me of walking past the church at night seeing the lamp in the church yard looking like something from the lamp from The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. I was delighted to be joined by Rokurokubi, with their amazing haunting sound and lyrics which really suited the evening. The music fitted wonderfully between the stories creating a magical space in this old building on the edge of a wood at the far reaches of North London. You can see their new video by Rokurokubi at:

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