Spring and Stories

It has been such a busy time recently working, performing and travelling. I have done some great shows and met some good people but it is time to have a pause and try and work on a couple of new stories before the mayhem starts again! Choosing stories is always difficult as you love some stories but they don’t quite fit or you are not telling them in the right way. I am working on a Japanese Fairy Story called “The boy who drew Cats”. This should just be a simple story but somehow I wasn’t sure it was ready, this is one I will be working on this week. I am also looking at a Vampire story from the Lake District, all Romantic Poets Era on a very hot still summer evening. Dark monster and beautiful young woman! However, if I just write there will be no new stories……..so I am off to shut myself in a corner and work on a story.IMG_2575 (4)

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