As you talk one word leads to another and if you are not careful you find a story has been made. There is something so essential and comforting about sitting down and being told a story. Storytelling is as old as the human race. It is the library, the store cupboard, of our oldest memories, knowledge, understanding and explanation. We all tell stories, but the storyteller takes us with them to another world where many things can and do happen. This tradition of the oral explanation, the telling of the tale, can be so simple but also so satisfying.

I am a professional storyteller who seeks out tales from around the world to tell at a variety of venues and situations. From Folktales that tell the story of how Iceland got its volcanoes and Denmark its fjords to the beautiful Legends of Japan, these are stories of beauty, horror and the way people act.

Booking your own storytelling session is so simple. Email me at: Soryahh@hotmail.com and we can organise a performance. Storytelling can fit into any space and needs little technical support. I work with any age group from 3 to 103 and can choose stories that suit your age group or style of event.