The most wonderful thing about Storytelling is having that magical bag of stories that are always growing and changing. There are stories for children and stories for adults, there are ghost stories, there are startling stories where the end is a surprise and there are stories that explain the world. The storyteller is a Teller but also a collector and as a collector also a listener.

I trained as a dancer and then took dance to children and young people through stories told through dance. Now this has changed around and I just tell the stories but sometimes the need to dance sneaks into the stories.

I work with traditional tales, folk tales, historical stories and a mixture of all these. Stories are told together to suit an audience and the occasion, the theme or style of event. Everyday I find more tales and add more to the bag of adventure.

I am hosting an online Storytelling Event on Wednesday at 8pm, on the first and third Wednesday of every month. We come together to tell a range of stories of Myth, Legend and Folklore to share joy and terror, humour and sadness, all through a simple story. To find out more and login details email me at: sarahLW@mail.com.