Lily and the Lion.

Lily and the Lion

A story of adventure, magic, and lots of walking, that takes you round the world and home again, without moving! This is a story set in a world distant in both time and place, but it is also a story of today, when sometimes we all need to have a little courage. “I am not strong, I am not brave, but I know what I have to do,” Lily says to herself as she sets out on a journey of discovery which will lead her to lands of lions, dragons and the four winds.

‘The storyteller was absolutely fantastic. Sarah was one of the most captivating people we have ever had the pleasure to hear.’

The story of Lily and the Lion is an ‘Epic Tale’ where Lily has to firstly save her family, then later find and save the Lion. This is a story of adventure and fun and sadness and triumph where those listening follow the roller coaster ride of the story. We walk through the night, we are scared by the Lion, we follow the dove and then we are lost as Lily is lost. Storytelling is all about the listener creating the images in their mind and living the story. In this way the story also belongs to the listener and this is especially true of children. I still remember a child telling me the story of ‘what happened next’ to my characters at the end of a story.

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