Salon of Storytelling

Salon of Storytelling

Storyteller Sarah Lloyd-Winder, and Rokurokubi join together to tell dark stories and play charmingly dark, confessional music for night flowers. These are darkly sinewy tales for adults that reflect our dreams and nightmares and especially all those creatures that may creep in when we close our eyes. This is not reading it is the ancient tradition of storytelling mixing the real, this moment, with the old stories, myths and legends. Sounds and music support the storytelling as you run wild with Atalanta, fly with the Hagrider in Iceland and conquer the Sea Beast Mester Stoorworm or visit the folk stories and myth of Japan. Travel to London’s Great Dark North, High Barnet, for Music and Storytelling in the Magic of Church House, Monken Hadley on the edge of the Ancient Woodland that is Hadley Woods, Friday 28th September at 8.30pm, there will be brilliant music from Rokurobubi who are not to be missed!

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