Art around the world


I have been so busy for the last few months that writing about all the things I see and do is difficult. The above picture is a picture of an art work by a young person in Brunei where I visited a school and saw some amazing work. Then back home again it is time for Brighton Fringe and a new show for children. In between there has been some new work on stories of Japanese gods, the research has been great fun for that, plus some Scottish Folk Tales based on a book from my mothers childhood. I have also been to Uganda recently and this is a first time to this beautiful country where everyone was so helpful and supportive. Then I come back home and walk through the fields near my home learning new stories and shouting at myself when I time the story and they are far too long! I am still working on the new version of ‘Into the Woods’ and that will be touring in the Autumn with music from the wonderful Rokurokubi and those dates will be confirmed soon. Now off I go again to walk through the field telling tales… myself.

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