Telling many stories

B&W Storytelling

November has been such a busy month and there has been no time to stop and review what I have been doing and the stories I have been telling. I have another 2 weeks before I can start to wind down and prepare for Christmas, and that means there are another 2 new stories to be worked on and refined. There have been lots of school visits and these are always great. You can never guess what questions you will be asked and how a story you tell will bring forward ideas, thoughts and discussions you have never thought about. I am also doing lots of planning for next year. I am planning something for National Storytelling week in a new venue, not used for storytelling, as I thought it would be good to take storytelling to new places. I also hope to travel further away with my storytelling with a journey north in February. I must also not forget all the wonderful stories I have seen by other people. Storytelling is a joy, both as a giver or receiver, and there are great stories and storytellers out there.

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